Sneak Peek for Hector, Lency, Stephane & Torence

Not the greatest weather we’ve been having, but luckily we got a sunny break this past Sunday for a family photo shoot in Orleans. This lovely family welcomed me into their home to take their photos as they (and many families out there) don’t really have many family photographs. So we shoot some inside and some  outside and even though in this particular one it was fairly bright I actually like how it turned out. Hope you do too. Enjoy! :)


Sneak Peek for Kim, Michel, Ryan & baby Nathan

The first February weekend brought about my first photo shoot of this year, which was really exciting. And not only because it was the first of the year, but also because it involved an adorable baby (see photo) named Nathan. His older brother, Ryan, was also a natural little model. I must say, he was the first child that didn`t hide behind mom`s or dad`s legs or who didn`t run away when I pulled out my camera. So a couple of firsts there. Overall, the shoot went really really well as you can see by this relaxing pose. :) Enjoy!