Happy New Website Flutterbunnies!!!!

I thought I would have had the newsletter prepared for you buy now, but that is the next on my list for sure! Luckily however this beautiful new site is up and running along with the booking site so that is pretty exciting.

One of my many New Years Resolutions this year is my 365 project…taking a photograph every day- most of which (if not all) will be self portraits :D

I also wanted to lose 15 pounds and 2% body fat. I have lost 12 pounds and 1.5% body fat…very close. I had set a goal to have an “or else” of dying my hair green. I haven’t followed my resolutions 100% to my goals, however I have been working diligently on them and came very close so I have decided that is worth not having green hair. Also I recently dyed my hair a nice blonde and do not want to ruin it. I have taken a bunch of 365 photos and edited them. I am not quite at 1 per day, however I have alos recently hired an intern which will also help me get up to speed on my photos so I am pretty psyched :)

To start off let’s begin with the completely awful “Before” photo…to be replaced shortly with an “After”

Next will be a photo I edited  a self portrait (well taken by Dr. Luke really) at  Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden in Vancouver- probably my favorite place in Vancouver-so beautiful, so peaceful.

My second photo was another self portrait in the black white and color style that is always so popular with friends, family and clients which is pink and butterfly filled (both on my top as well as the gorgeous Tiffany’s necklace I received over the holidays). Great Promo photo for Flirt and Flutter.

So please let me know what your New Years Resolutions were and how you are doing with them - if you’re BRAVE post it below, or inbox me on facebook, click a photo and email it to me…and check out the upcoming newsletter to find out tips and tricks on how to ensure you achieve it this year!

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