Ok so I DEFINITELY suck at this whole blogging everyday stuff… but I am working hard at catching up on my 365. I will be working on editing and capturing 365 images of myself this year hopefully on a daily basis, and they will get more creative and interesting as the months go by I promise.

There has been a lot going on in my life this year already and we are barely into the second quarter-eeep!

I have recently begun my touring of the US beginning with my first ever trip to California!!! I have only ever been to Florida (Disney World 2x); New York state (Watertown) and Massachusetts (Salem) so this was exciting.

I headed over to San Francisco, did a photo shoot, and did a lot of touring…including the infamous Alcatraz! These photos might not be the most exciting in an artistic sense but it was hard as I wasn’t feeling the greatest it was packed and I was carrying a bunch of stuff…but I do highly recommend you go it is a lot of fun! They have a night tour as well I totally wish I had gone to that. Dr. Luke was tempted in trying to hide in a cell and stay overnight. We instead headed back to the hotel ( I do not recommend the Majestic by the way) and watched “Escape from Alcatraz” also not really recommended- listening to the story at Alcatraz WAY BETTER…why do I hate almost all Clint Eastwood movies?

Besides Alcatraz I went to Pier 39 for some shopping delicious veggie burger and to photograph the beautiful sea lions hanging out there :) and I already knew the differences between Sea Lions and Seals thanks to my trip to the West Edmonton mall ;)

I also promise the 365 photos will get better as I will begin capturing them myself. Having others take the photos is a bit of a cheat and also creates more work for me in Photoshop- Not that I have been doing my best work either, as I am playing catch up right now.

I know I’m also cheating adding photos of not only myself but my love…however we so rarely take photos together and have an entire trip to Dublin without a single photo of us together there that I make an effort for that too.

Back to San Francisco. Ok so in addition to Alcatraz and Pier 39 we played in the Exploratorium in Presidio Park, next to the Palace of Fine Arts where I climbed the columns- I have yet to visit Rome but it’s so gorgeous you feel like you’re there.

As James Brown said “take it to the bridge” and so we did. Taking a walk in the foggy San Fran, checking out the gorgeous and architecturally stunning Golden Gate Bridge. SO exciting!

The last bit of the trip was in Toronto where we came for our second time attending a Kevin Smith Q & A. So much fun. One of my other New Years resolutions was not only the 365 but to loose 15 pounds and 2% body fat. One of the ways I am achieving that is by doing sugar-restrictions. From January 2nd-February 1st (30 DAYS) I was sugar free!!! The ONLY sugar I had was in fruit and the occasional slice of pizza (4x).

My biggest and only addictions are: cheese, chocolate, Dr. Pepper and cupcakes. I was free of 3/4 for 30 days, including the entire San Francisco trip. I am allowing myself 5 days of it before I start another 3 weeks sugar free. This time: wheat free as well- Oh My!!!

Stay tuned for more photos and more exciting announcements!!! BIIIIIIIG stuff happening this year!

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