Looking for the most exclusive, a-list, awesome and amazing places to get the best deals, products and services in Ottawa? I know I am, and I want to make sure I get the very best Ottawa has to offer whether it is beauty, fitness, tasty treats…I love to indulge and I want things to meet my high standards! Contact one of these places, mention Flirt and Flutter Photography in Ottawa and get prices you won’t see anywhere else!



Looking for some AMAZING Deals with the Hottest Businesses in Ottawa?

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Health, Wellness and Fitness and Nutrition

It is crucial here at Flirt and Flutter Photography that every woman know the beauty that lies within her, and for every woman to be living the life they want, to have everything they deserve and be happy-TODAY. A glamorous photoshoot is a great start, but if you’re looking to delve deeper, to transform yourself NOW and make permanent changes check out Epiphany Transformations.


If you are looking to make some quick changes in your life, if you want to quit smoking, pass a test anxiety free, rid yourself of a phobia, loose wight, etc…kick start your transformation, getting your unconscious mind assisting you in reaching your goals with Lukenosis Complete Mind Therapy!

For the most INTENSE workout of your life, and to finally have the health, fitness and body you want and deserve  I highly suggest you make one small change: rather than sleeping in on the weekend, get up an hour (or a cuople hours) early and head over to ReveLUKEtion bootcamp…feel energized this weekend, gain a couple more productive hours, and fit into the LBD you are wanting to wear in your glamour photoshoot ;)

A Fantastic Location right downtown Living at One provides everything you need to live a more balanced life. Taking the steps you need for health and wellness one step at a time. Attend talks on various life-changing wellness issues: hypnotherapy, image consulting, sexuality, nutrition, fitness…you name it and they can give you the resources.

Makeup Artists

We’re all about Female Empowerment here at Flirt and Flutter Photography, and we have some pretty amazing local Ottawa business entrepreneurship like Radha Subramani, a talented makeup artist specializing in Weddings and Special Events.
Another fabulous makeup artist who you will see a lot of on this website is Michelle the Makeup Artist. This hot momma not only works a day job at a local esthetician spa, but runs her own Makeup Business and does amazing work for boudoir and glamour shoots!
Finally we have DeeDee Butters who is a local Ottawa Renaissance Woman who has a day job, a Makeup Artistry business and is a talented musician with The Peptides! DeeDee Butters has been featured in a variety of magazines and covers of newspapers throughout Ottawa…contact her to add a little magic and music to your life!
Check Out Dreamshare Photography, a new photography company in Ottawa with the talented videographer/filmaker Cameron Montgomery. She  has not only traveled the world on various photography and film-making endeavors but also now teaches film and multiculturalism at Algonquin.   

If you are looking to update your photography skills, expand your business or help out a friend with free photography for their wedding or special event I would strongly suggest  the Funktown Photography  workshop. Christina Craft is a talented   photographer based in the West Coast of Canada and  focuses mostly on international Weddings.  I loved her course and had a blast!