Portfolio Development and Paid Work for MUAs and Stylists

Think of the most delicious cupcake, divine cocktail, serene bubble bath or the wildest and craziest girls night you’ve ever had and you are thinking of Flirt and Flutter. We are a for women by women business and although we do all types of portraits our specialty is finding your inner Glamour Goddess or Vixen Temptress and bringing her out. You may enter a wallflower but make no mistake you will leave a Diva! Our goal is to not only create truly beautiful images for you but to give you an experience you will never forget. We are there for you during all your biggest milestones, your personal and business life changes and we not only make them fun and exciting, but give you something to take home (or post online) and cherish forever.

When it comes to makeup artist and hair stylists, we want to help you build your portfolio, your skills and your network to get you on the fast track to success and making great money in your field. Although we are primarily Ottawa Photography based we often team up with Vixen Mayhem to host a variety of events throughout Canada and worldwide. Not only will you build your portfolio, your skills and your network with each event you will get free makeup and often even your hair and nails done as well. You will be featured prominently on the Flirt and Flutter website which gets up to 10, 000 individual visitors a year (and growing rapidly every month) and we often team up with local sponsors for a variety of other freebies and discounts!

If you are interested in the variety of opportunities availible with Flirt and Flutter we will be holding quarterly meetings with makeup artist and hair stylists so that we can each put a face to the name and ensure that we click. After the meeting you are free to begin signing up for events *see below*. You are required to attend two TFP sessions, which will last anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours.

Moving forward you will be invited for paid sessions with a minimum of $40/hr and moving up from there depending on the job, location, time and effort required. Some of our events require a higher level of responsibility. When 10-20 photographers have paid to attend a workshop in which they will build their portfolio with models it is crucial we have talented and reliable makeup artist and hair stylists to ensure the ladies (and occasionally gents) look their best. As we have had multiple difficulties in the past with makeup artist and hair stylists not showing up we require a deposit for attending any session TFP or Paid. The deposit will vary from $20-$50 depending on the necessity of attendance and payment to be received. Your deposit and pay will be given to you upon arrival of the shoot in cash. For cancellations we require one week to receive your deposit back, 72 hours to get 50% back (returned via email bank transfer) and if you cancel within 72 hours of the session your deposit will not be returned. We require a minimum of 72 hours to successfully find an adequate replacement.