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Flirt and Flutter Refund Policy

Flirt and Flutter has take the controversial stance of a strict no refund policy. There are special circumstances that may warrant financial compensation, and special events such as Weddings have their own refund policies that do allow refunds which will be made clear in the contract that is signed.

For all normal circumstances and for all services (including but not limited to: business, model, glamour, boudoir, professional, networking/dating profile, engagement and family portraits;  additional services such as makeup application, photo editing, prints, etc).

The rational behind our decision of a no-refund policy is this: Typically when competing or non-competing businesses offer “full refund, no questions asked” policies this does not foster a quality relationship with its customers. Often customers walk away refund in hand, no happier with the services given and without the product they had such high expectations of receiving. At Flirt and Flutter we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, which we do not feel receiving cash back will provide. We are 100% confident in our services and our ability to provide client satisfaction. In fact a large percentage of our clients give glowing reviews both in the form of video testimonials and follow up emails. We are also dedicated in not only satisfying our customers but also in creating a family of over-the-moon-clients who love to share their photos, services and pass along referrals and bonuses to their friends and family.

If for any reason you have received services from our company and are dissatisfied in any way (which has yet to happen) we are more than happy to correct any issue you have. If there is further editing to the product that can be done to meet your needs it will be done with minimal or no cost. Similarly if there was a problem at the time of capture and the issue cannot be corrected with further editing, a re-shoot will be offered at again minimal or no cost (depending on the issue and amount of work required).

If the issue is with services provided by a third party or business partner that runs in conjunction with services provided by Flirt and Flutter (i.e. makeup, hair, etc) the issue must be taken up with the provider of that service. This includes any services provided at an event sponsored or promoted under the name of Flirt and Flutter alone.

If a customer/client has buyers remorse the package purchased can always be given as a gift to a coworker, friend, or family member without penalty and if there is any expiry date associated with the package an extension is possible at the photographer’s discretion. If the issue is with the type of package purchased (i.e. the client no longer wants a boudoir or engagement shoot) the type of photo shoot can also be changed at the discretion of the photographer.


Flirt and Flutter Photography Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We want to make your experience on the Internet as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, and we want you to use the Internets vast array of information, tools, and opportunities with complete confidence.

We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and security. This Privacy Policy describes how our company collects information from all end users of our Internet services (“Services”). End “Users” include both those who access some of our Services but do not have accounts (“Visitors”) as well as those who may purchase Products and/or pay a monthly service fee to subscribe to the Service (“Members”). This Policy also describes what we do with the information we collect, and the choices Visitors and Members have concerning the collection and use of such information. We request that you read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Personal Information Our Company Collects and How It Is Used

Our company collects information in different ways from Visitors and Members who access the various parts of our Services and the network of Web sites accessible through our Service.

Users may be asked to provide certain personal information when they sign up for our Products or Services including name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and billing information (such as a credit/debit card information). The personal information collected from Users during the registration process is used to manage each User’s account (such as for marketing or billing purposes). This information may be shared with third parties, as stated herein, or in special circumstances.

However, in instances where our company and a partner jointly promote our Services, we may provide the partner certain personal information, such as the name and email address as a result of the joint promotion for the purpose of offering you other products and services. We also may supply other companies with contact information, for mail offers we believe would be of interest to our members, with or without compensation from those companies. At times we may send an advertisement for a third party product, where we collect the sales proceeds, and forward the purchaser’s information to that third party.

Our Company Partners and Sponsors: Some products and services may be offered to Users in conjunction with an affiliate, independent contractor seller or non-affiliated partner. To provide Users some of these products and services, the partner may need to collect and maintain personal information.

Online Shopping: If you complete an order for someone else, such as an online gift order sent directly to a recipient, you may be asked to provide information about the recipient, such as the recipient’s name, email and mailing address, and/or phone number. The use for this will not differ an any way than from that used and previously mentioned for User use.

When you order services or products directly from our company, we use the personal information you provide to process that order. We do share this information with outside parties that we do business with.

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Responses to Email Inquiries: When Visitors or Members send email inquiries to our company, the return email address is used to answer the email inquiry we receive.

Voluntary Customer Surveys: We may periodically conduct both business and individual customer surveys. We encourage our customers to participate in these surveys because they provide us with important information that helps us to improve the types of products and services we offer and how we provide them to you.

We may take the information we receive from individuals responding to our Customer Surveys and combine (or aggregate) it with the responses of other customers we may have, to create broader, generic responses to the survey questions (such as gender, age, residence, hobbies, education, employment, industry sector, or other demographic information). We then use the aggregated information to improve the quality of our services to you, and to develop new services and products. This aggregated, non-personally identifying information may be shared with third parties.

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Where to Direct Questions About Our Privacy Policy: If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, you may contact us through the contact information provided on this Web site.

Revisions to This Policy: Our company reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy, our Terms Of Service agreement, and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner, by updating this posting. Your use of this site after such changes are implemented constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of these changes. Please consult this privacy statement prior to every use for any changes.


Interview with an Intern

Hey there Flutterbunnies, Raven here with a closer look with our new intern Stephanie, who just finished her first full day of Flirt and Flutter Studio Boudoir Photo Shoots this weekend! So Psyched! I thought we would get to know Stephanie better by doing a little Q & A, photos coming soon!

So Stephanie, first off let me welcome you to Flirt and Flutter Photography- we are so excited to have you on board!

Thanks! I am excited too =]

Lets get a bit of background- tell us, you’re not from Ottawa, where did you grow up and what made you move to Ottawa?

I am originally from Whitby, not too far from Toronto. I moved to Ottawa to start my education at the University of Ottawa. I will be graduating this June from my second degree, and I plan *fingers crossed* to start my career here as well. In teaching in case you were wondering, and obviously some photography on the side.

Where has been your favorite place to shoot in Ottawa thus far?

I haven’t really had the chance to really explore the shooting possiblities of Ottawa Photography, I’ve so far stayed on the mainstream of things and haven’t done much adventuring. I have a thing for architecture and animals, so let’s keep it vague for now. I will keep you posted.  Although..there is this place down in Hunt Club I pass every morning before work, yet all I have is my smartphone so I don’t exacty get a good picture. One of these days I should venture out on a weekend.  AND, I would love to go visit the bird sanctuary just outside of Ottawa!

When did you begin your journey in photography? What is your background in photography? Did you go to school for photography or have you had experience with clients?

 My journey technically began with my first camera at age 10. It was an Olympus film camera and boy did I go through film like there was no tomorrow. They were decent photos too! The occaisional “what was that again” made its way in of course. I learnt pretty much everything I know from trial and error, and a few classes here and there for perfecting skills. Then affordable DSLRs happened and I was to start from scratch. Now that I’ve leanrt the basics of my new baby (Nikon D7000) I can officially say my professional journey began late 2011.

What made you decide to get into Photography? What is your favorite part of Photography?

I don’t really know why but I’ve always loved taking pictures of things, at many different angles, until I have the perfect shot! I mean, to me pictures mean everything. If my house were on fire, I would be running out with a bag full of electronics (cameras, laptops, hard drives, etc.) and my guinea pigs. Theses days things like clothes, tvs and diplomas are replacable; pictures not so much. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now: my favourite part is looking through all my photos whenever I feel like it to remember the moments that were camptured..

Who are your favorite photographers and what do you like about their work?

It might be because I didn’t take any history classes, but I don’t really know any famous photographers that I can relate to. I mean I’ve had an admiration for Anne Geddes’ baby photos since my first calendar at age 6, but I don’t necessarily relate to her work. Don’t get me wrong, her pictures are cute and all, but sometimes I think too overdone and photoshopped.

How would you describe your artistic style?

You got it. I am artistic. I think outside the box, but make sure to get everything from inside of it first because not everyone likes the originality I bring to the table. Candid and journalistic vs artistic and romantic could be my photgraphy personality if you will. I like cool angles, interesting shots, and anything creative or spontaneous.

If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Just go with the flow, be natural, and let me make the magic happen. There is nothing worse than a forced smile…especially when you think of the character Chandler from the TV show Friends. Also, no matter if it is fashion photography, boudoir photography, wedding photography, baby portraits, prenatal photography, engagement portrait sessions in Ottawa-whatever make sure you show up ready to be photographed, and not to be expecting a shoot like they see on television (i.e America’s next Top Model- It is rarely the same thing).

When it comes to photography what are your goals? What do you see in your future?

I hope to one day have my own photography business (more so than just my current freelance work) where I call the shots, take the shots, and edit them too! ha ha. I want to develop a full-time workload of photography. I would love to photograph children, weddings, and everything in between until my arthritic hands can no longer hold my camera.

Well we are all very excited to see how your work progresses over the next year! Flutterbunnies you should definitely be checking back here on the regular to get the behind the scenes look at the Photography business here in Ottawa!


How have your 2012 New Years Resolutions been going?

Happy New Website Flutterbunnies!!!!

I thought I would have had the newsletter prepared for you buy now, but that is the next on my list for sure! Luckily however this beautiful new site is up and running along with the booking site so that is pretty exciting.

One of my many New Years Resolutions this year is my 365 project…taking a photograph every day- most of which (if not all) will be self portraits :D

I also wanted to lose 15 pounds and 2% body fat. I have lost 12 pounds and 1.5% body fat…very close. I had set a goal to have an “or else” of dying my hair green. I haven’t followed my resolutions 100% to my goals, however I have been working diligently on them and came very close so I have decided that is worth not having green hair. Also I recently dyed my hair a nice blonde and do not want to ruin it. I have taken a bunch of 365 photos and edited them. I am not quite at 1 per day, however I have alos recently hired an intern which will also help me get up to speed on my photos so I am pretty psyched :)

To start off let’s begin with the completely awful “Before” photo…to be replaced shortly with an “After”

Next will be a photo I edited  a self portrait (well taken by Dr. Luke really) at  Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden in Vancouver- probably my favorite place in Vancouver-so beautiful, so peaceful.

My second photo was another self portrait in the black white and color style that is always so popular with friends, family and clients which is pink and butterfly filled (both on my top as well as the gorgeous Tiffany’s necklace I received over the holidays). Great Promo photo for Flirt and Flutter.

So please let me know what your New Years Resolutions were and how you are doing with them - if you’re BRAVE post it below, or inbox me on facebook, click a photo and email it to me…and check out the upcoming newsletter to find out tips and tricks on how to ensure you achieve it this year!


Looking for some AMAZING Deals with the Hottest Businesses in Ottawa?

Check out some of Flirt and Flutter Ottawa Photography’s Favorite Most Exclusive A-List Business Partners. Tell them We sent you for the best prices you won’t find anywhere else! Click on the logo to check out the website of these Fantastic businesses!

Health, Wellness and Fitness and Nutrition

It is crucial here at Flirt and Flutter Photography that every woman know the beauty that lies within her, and for every woman to be living the life they want, to have everything they deserve and be happy-TODAY. A glamorous photoshoot is a great start, but if you’re looking to delve deeper, to transform yourself NOW and make permanent changes check out Epiphany Transformations.


If you are looking to make some quick changes in your life, if you want to quit smoking, pass a test anxiety free, rid yourself of a phobia, loose wight, etc…kick start your transformation, getting your unconscious mind assisting you in reaching your goals with Lukenosis Complete Mind Therapy!

For the most INTENSE workout of your life, and to finally have the health, fitness and body you want and deserve  I highly suggest you make one small change: rather than sleeping in on the weekend, get up an hour (or a cuople hours) early and head over to ReveLUKEtion bootcamp…feel energized this weekend, gain a couple more productive hours, and fit into the LBD you are wanting to wear in your glamour photoshoot ;)

A Fantastic Location right downtown Living at One provides everything you need to live a more balanced life. Taking the steps you need for health and wellness one step at a time. Attend talks on various life-changing wellness issues: hypnotherapy, image consulting, sexuality, nutrition, fitness…you name it and they can give you the resources.

Makeup Artists

We’re all about Female Empowerment here at Flirt and Flutter Photography, and we have some pretty amazing local Ottawa business entrepreneurship like Radha Subramani, a talented makeup artist specializing in Weddings and Special Events.
Another fabulous makeup artist who you will see a lot of on this website is Michelle the Makeup Artist. This hot momma not only works a day job at a local esthetician spa, but runs her own Makeup Business and does amazing work for boudoir and glamour shoots!
Finally we have DeeDee Butters who is a local Ottawa Renaissance Woman who has a day job, a Makeup Artistry business and is a talented musician with The Peptides! DeeDee Butters has been featured in a variety of magazines and covers of newspapers throughout Ottawa…contact her to add a little magic and music to your life!
Check Out Dreamshare Photography, a new photography company in Ottawa with the talented videographer/filmaker Cameron Montgomery. She  has not only traveled the world on various photography and film-making endeavors but also now teaches film and multiculturalism at Algonquin.   

If you are looking to update your photography skills, expand your business or help out a friend with free photography for their wedding or special event I would strongly suggest  the Funktown Photography  workshop. Christina Craft is a talented   photographer based in the West Coast of Canada and  focuses mostly on international Weddings.  I loved her course and had a blast!


Introducing the New Flirt and Flutter Assistant and Intern Stephanie!

Well Hello there Flutterbunnies and Photography enthusiasts! I am honored to introduce to you Ottawa Photography Company Flirt and Flutter Photography (specializing in boudoir photos in Ottawa, Family Portraits, Wedding Photography, Ottawa Engagement Photography, Business portraits, and more recently: fitness and dance photography in Ottawa) Assistant Stephanie!

Stephanie is busy at work learning the ropes here in the office and working on getting up to date with our specialized and exclusive Photoshop optimization which include touch ups, airbrushing, background removal, skin-correction, color correction and high definition. She will begin assisting with photo shoots and will begin her “confessions of a photography intern” blog in April!

You will gain access to insider videos, photos and learn what it is like to turn your passion into a business along with Stephanie, as Flirt and Flutter builds and expands its services, providing women with opportunities to find their inner beauty, to share the love in their life, and to be transformed into the Goddesses, Vixens, Cover-models, whatever their heart desires. All the while having a precious gift to share the memories of the fun and excitement they felt with their family and friends for the rest of their lives.

Check out her work thus far at: and book your session with Raven and Stephanie today! Two photographers for the price of one!


Let your Baby have their Cake and Smash it too!

The first year of your child’s life is precious, you’ve spent it getting to know the most adorable baby you have ever met, tried your best to capture every precious milestone, and while you are super exited about the upcoming first birthday you’re met with the reality:
“How do I make this special for my baby when they can’t possibly understand what’s going on?” Two magical little words: CAKE SMASH. Ottawa’s newest and hottest trend for baby photographyTraditionally at one-year-old parties, the birthday baby is dressed up, bibbed out and only given a small piece of cake to enjoy. Surrounded by mostly grown-ups or older cousins your baby can’t possibly enjoy the festivities as much as everyone else is-and besides-making messes puts a baby in it’s element.

Imagine your little one, it’s their lucky day and they don’t even know it yet.There they are, sitting on the floor, on the outstretched white-paper professional photography background (or plush black fabric background) here in Ottawa,  wearing only their diapies, with a fun, with a bright and colorful  birthday cake – shaped like a present and tied with a cute little icing bow set in front of them. They’re going to be thrilled with the exciting new object, but can’t be unsure exactly what it is-your baby immediately touches it. When some creamy  icing comes off on their finger, into their mouth it goes.When your little one looks up at you, flashes a h

uge grin you’ll know just how worth it all is.

You’ll love bringing your little sweetheart in for a smashing since it happens in my studio (or if you prefer, in a park) so you won’t have to clean up the crumbs and your darling is going to LOVE it because it’s the one time they’re actually encouraged and allowed to make a mess (what child’s dream isn’t driving their hands into the plush deliciousness that is their birthday cake).

Cake smash photo sessions start as low as $179 and include: the cake, a 30 minute photo shoot in a penthouse studio


 in the west end as well as: an 8×10 print, sheet of wallet sized photos, and 20 high resolution Photoshop Optimized images on a CD.

For more examples of baby photos check out: or contact me at: to book your baby’s cake smash.


Ottawa Photography FAQs

If you’ve booked your session with me, are as excited as I am, and would like some more information about it? Not sure what to expect? Check out the fact sheet below which will include all the information necessary for our shoot:

 Click on the link regarding the type of photo shoot you have booked: