Ottawa Photographer Raven Ouellette is the owner and creative genius behind Flirt and Flutter Photography.

I love getting paid to shoot people for a living! Most often at Flirt and Flutter we work with women who haven’t seen themselves as beautiful in a very long time. We unleash their Inner Goddess or Vixen, boosting their self confidence in as little as one hour- and that ’s BEFORE they see their photos! Flirt and Flutter turns your personal milestones into EPIC moments in time!

My whole life has consisted of a series of photographs. I have always loved taking photos and being behind (or sometimes in-front of) the camera. I am one of those people, who if my house burnt down (or my hard drive crashed) the only thing I would be thinking of is all the millions of photographs I would lose. My #1 go-to-comfort activity is flipping through my photographs-they’re my connection to the places I’ve been, people I have known and loved ones lost.

I have a background in psychology and wanted to create a business where I could help women discover themselves and create moments that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. I have always had an eye for the true and genuine beauty of things: what is stylish (not fashionable), and have always had a knack of bringing it out for everyone to see. My passion is helping people, and my favorite activity is photography. My goal has always been to meld my passions and my talent in a way that makes women feel beautiful, to help them love themselves and love their lives.


Ottawa School of Art

Private Education under local photographer Mauricio Flores-Guarneros

FunkyTown Photography Wedding Workshop 

Phlern Photoshop and Photography


Pablo Picasso, Bettina Rheims, Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle


Sitcoms and trashy teen melodramas like Switched at Birth and Gossip Girl, mani-pedis, cupcakes, pizza, tofu pasta and Cherry Dr. Pepper


Learning, Photography, Travelling, Makeup, Personal Style, Helping Women Better Themselves, Psychology, Tattoos, Health and Wellness, Re-inventing my look

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