Sneak Peek for Sherry, Steve & Chris

It might have been cold last weekend for an outdoor photo shoot, yet this bunch of young people sure knew how to keep laughing. This photo is of the three  happy siblings and their significant others are standing to the side making fun of them. How great is that?! :D You can tell by the genuine smiles. I must say I had a lot of fun meeting all of them and hanging out in Strathcona Park. 


Sneak Peek for Tiffany & Tom

The forecast for this past weekend was rain, rain and some more rain, but for this lovely couple the rain held off. Actually, it didn’t rain at all the whole weekend. Lucky for us we were able to capture some sweet moments between these two lovebirds. The location/theme was inspired by the most romantic city where the engagement took place – Paris! :)


Sneak Peek for Jane & Clark

And one more sneak peek from last weekend`s photoshoot. At that time we actually had a pretty nice weather and a cooperative 3-year old, so it went really well. :) This session took place along the Rideau canal. We started off at the foot bridge and walked along the bike path that had lots of colourful leaves to throw around. All in all it was a lot of fun!


Sneak Peek for Stephanie and Chris

Last Saturday was a relatively nice day for October considering Ottawa is the coldest capital in the world. A little cooler in the afternoon for this session, but these active boys sure kept warm by running around. This one was taken right at the beginning, so I think they sat for a whole 3 seconds before they were off again. :) All in all, cute little family and adorable matching sweaters.