Let your Baby have their Cake and Smash it too!

The first year of your child’s life is precious, you’ve spent it getting to know the most adorable baby you have ever met, tried your best to capture every precious milestone, and while you are super exited about the upcoming first birthday you’re met with the reality:
“How do I make this special for my baby when they can’t possibly understand what’s going on?” Two magical little words: CAKE SMASH. Ottawa’s newest and hottest trend for baby photographyTraditionally at one-year-old parties, the birthday baby is dressed up, bibbed out and only given a small piece of cake to enjoy. Surrounded by mostly grown-ups or older cousins your baby can’t possibly enjoy the festivities as much as everyone else is-and besides-making messes puts a baby in it’s element.

Imagine your little one, it’s their lucky day and they don’t even know it yet.There they are, sitting on the floor, on the outstretched white-paper professional photography background (or plush black fabric background) here in Ottawa,  wearing only their diapies, with a fun, with a bright and colorful  birthday cake – shaped like a present and tied with a cute little icing bow set in front of them. They’re going to be thrilled with the exciting new object, but can’t be unsure exactly what it is-your baby immediately touches it. When some creamy  icing comes off on their finger, into their mouth it goes.When your little one looks up at you, flashes a h

uge grin you’ll know just how worth it all is.

You’ll love bringing your little sweetheart in for a smashing since it happens in my studio (or if you prefer, in a park) so you won’t have to clean up the crumbs and your darling is going to LOVE it because it’s the one time they’re actually encouraged and allowed to make a mess (what child’s dream isn’t driving their hands into the plush deliciousness that is their birthday cake).

Cake smash photo sessions start as low as $179 and include: the cake, a 30 minute photo shoot in a penthouse studio


 in the west end as well as: an 8×10 print, sheet of wallet sized photos, and 20 high resolution Photoshop Optimized images on a CD.

For more examples of baby photos check out: or contact me at: raven@flirtandflutter.com to book your baby’s cake smash.