Get Paid Before Most People Wake Up!

In honor of Comic Con Flirt and Flutter and Vixen Mayhem will be making a special trip to MTL to bring Montréal Models Photographers our newest brand of workshops!

You will walk away with 2 hours worth of truly unique Comic Con themed shots to build your portfolio with up to six models who have had their hair and makeup done, signed model releases from all models, new contacts with models, makeup artists and hair stylists in Montréal, a workbook to assist you with posing and facial expressions…and best of all-you’re going to have a SO.MUCH.FUN!

Location for Hair and Makeup:  Suite at the Intercontinental Hotel, Montréal

Schedule: BRIGHT AND EARLY: You will be expected to arrive promptly with your tools at 6:30am working until 8:30am on Saturday, September 15, 2012. This means you will need to work fast and have 30 minutes for each girl.

Theme: We always want you to use your imagination and creativity, with the general theme of Comic Con- so wild and crazy, high fashion/bright colors, big hair, think of your favorite super hero or villain, then blend in some high voltage sex appeal

Details of Modeling/Photography Event (FYI): The workshop will offer amateur  models the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done for free, to learn from a pro model developing their skills as well as have very unique and interesting photos to include in their portfolio. Photographers in turn will get instructed on how to speak with clients and tips on posing and getting great expressions out of both models and clients. They will have an hour tutorial, and two hours of shooting which will be a comic-book themed event and occur at Mt. Royal Park. We will be encouraging all photographers in attendance to share their best photos with the models, makeup artists and hair stylists. They will have the ability to share these folders online with a folder everyone will have access to. No matter how many photos they choose to upload,  The Ladies from Flirt and Flutter and Vixen Mayhem ( Ottawa’s most in-demand boudoir and glamour photographers ) will be editing 5 photos of each model and uploading them as well.

Typically as mentioned your first event would be TFP, however as we are looking to expand our talent team in Montréal we are offering a modest payment of $50 (but hey, otherwise you would be sleeping in making no money on a Saturday morning, right?) to the first four makeup artists and stylists who sign up.  As this is time sensitive, and the demand for punctuality is high with a 7am start time we will require a deposit of $50 per person. This means on the Saturday morning you will be walking away with $100 in cold hard cash!

We are opening this workshop to a maximum of 2 makeup artists and 2 hair stylist slots are Filling Up fast so you are going to want to Buy your ticket ASAP!!!!

Your Deposit will be returned to you along with your $50 Payment

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