Flirt and Flutter has take the controversial stance of a strict no refund policy. There are special circumstances that may warrant financial compensation, and special events such as Weddings have their own refund policies that do allow refunds which will be made clear in the contract that is signed.

For all normal circumstances and for all services (including but not limited to: business, model, glamour, boudoir, professional, networking/dating profile, engagement and family portraits;  additional services such as makeup application, photo editing, prints, etc).

The rational behind our decision of a no-refund policy is this: Typically when competing or non-competing businesses offer “full refund, no questions asked” policies this does not foster a quality relationship with its customers. Often customers walk away refund in hand, no happier with the services given and without the product they had such high expectations of receiving. At Flirt and Flutter we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, which we do not feel receiving cash back will provide. We are 100% confident in our services and our ability to provide client satisfaction. In fact a large percentage of our clients give glowing reviews both in the form of video testimonials and follow up emails. We are also dedicated in not only satisfying our customers but also in creating a family of over-the-moon-clients who love to share their photos, services and pass along referrals and bonuses to their friends and family.

If for any reason you have received services from our company and are dissatisfied in any way (which has yet to happen) we are more than happy to correct any issue you have. If there is further editing to the product that can be done to meet your needs it will be done with minimal or no cost. Similarly if there was a problem at the time of capture and the issue cannot be corrected with further editing, a re-shoot will be offered at again minimal or no cost (depending on the issue and amount of work required).

If the issue is with services provided by a third party or business partner that runs in conjunction with services provided by Flirt and Flutter (i.e. makeup, hair, etc) the issue must be taken up with the provider of that service. This includes any services provided at an event sponsored or promoted under the name of Flirt and Flutter alone.

If a customer/client has buyers remorse the package purchased can always be given as a gift to a coworker, friend, or family member without penalty and if there is any expiry date associated with the package an extension is possible at the photographer’s discretion. If the issue is with the type of package purchased (i.e. the client no longer wants a boudoir or engagement shoot) the type of photo shoot can also be changed at the discretion of the photographer.

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