I thought we would get to know Josephine better by doing a little Q & A, as we did with Stephanie and Jane-getting to know her perspective on Photography. So Josephine, first off let me welcome you to Flirt and Flutter Photography- we are so excited to have you on board!

Let’s get a bit of background- I believe you’re a townie like me…what was your favorite part about growing up in Ottawa?

Yep.  You are right.  I am an O-towner like you.  I guess I love this city for so many reasons, hence why I never left.  My favourite part of growing up in Ottawa?  That’s a tough one.  I’ve moved 22 times in my life, most all in Ottawa so I guess it is hard to pin point a favourite part.  I now live in the South end of Ottawa but my heart and sense of comfort are definitely in the West end.  I love Ottawa for many reasons that others are drawn to this beautiful city – it’s a somewhat big city with a small town feel and lots of outdoor stuff to do.  Some of my favourite parts are hiking in the Gatineau hills, biking along the parkway, getting involved in the community, and partaking in the many festivals all summer long.

Where has been your favorite place to shoot in Ottawa thus far?

It’s a toss-up between the Gatineau Park, Mooney’s bay region, and the bike paths along the Kanata greenbelt and the parkway.  I recently took a course that made me realize that you don’t need an amazing background to take good photos.  Sometimes the best pictures are taken in the most inconspicuous locations.  Either way I am looking forward to finding new favourite spots with Flirt and Flutter.

When did you begin your journey in photography? What is your background in photography? Did you go to school for photography or have you had experience with clients?

My journey began in high school when my parents bought a 35 mm canon.  I was always into art and taking photos seemed like a natural extension.  I also have a passion for travel, usually off the beaten path types of trips.  I love learning about different parts of the world and other cultures.  I like to capture those experiences in my photos.  In essence, I look at my photos often to remember those times – good or bad – that enriched my life.  I think that’s why so many are drawn to taking photographs.  I’ve taken several courses in photography and I am constantly learning and trying to improve my skills.  I recently started to take photography to a professional level with Flirt and Flutter, so my experience with clients has been limited; although, I have several years of experience in dealing with the clients in other professional aspects.   I’m a pretty easy going and open person … just trying to make the photography experience fun for everyone.

What made you decide to get into Photography? What is your favorite part of Photography?

As mentioned earlier, photography kind of found me when my parents bought a 35 mm camera.  Over the years I’ve really started to develop and my friends and family were always complimenting me in my photographs.  I decided I wanted to take photography more seriously and perhaps transition to this full-time professionally.  I realized that I need a constant creative outlet in my life and photography fulfills this need in so many ways.  My favourite part of Photography is how instantaneous it is.  In the click of a button you have art!  I also like how it’s not just simply a click of a button but there is some science to it.  You need to consider many elements and a good shot is one that is pre-planned and well positioned.  You have to consider not only the subject, the site, the background but also the technical aspects of the camera’s function like exposure, depth of field, lighting, etc.  When you think of it I guess it is a lot more complicated than clicking the button but when they all function beautifully its very gratifying!

Who are your favorite photographers and what do you like about their work?

There are 5 types of photographs I like best: landscapes, events and people in action, funny/silliness, fine art, and animals.  I like all kinds but these I like best.  I like MANY photographers each in different ways.  They all inspire me.  I aspire to one day be on someone’s short list too J


Ansel Adams – who doesn’t like his work?  It’s amazing how powerful a black and white landscape image can be.  His images are so calming yet with such a deep impact.  www.anseladams.com

Maciej Duczynski – love his landscapes and depth of field www.lonelywolf.pl

Adam Burton – gorgeous coloured landscapes and depth of field.  www.adamburtonphotography.com


Steve McCurry – I love how he can express emotion so well in photographs.  You really get the sense of what was happening.  His images come to life as if they were in 3D!  You’ll remember him by his famous Afghan Girl published in the National Geographic magazine … And well I love to travel and I am inspired to see the places he’s been.  www.stevemccurry.com

Lara Jade – more of a fashion photographer but love the portraits and the subjects intense looks.  www.larajade.co.uk

Phil Borges – amazing social documentary.  Great lighting and emotion.  www.philborges.com

Sean Kennedy Santos – love the fashion photography, urban, glamorous feel to his pictures.  www.sksantos.net

Kurt Stalleart – love his pictures of people and his ability to capture emotion, moment in time, tragedy, struggles and triumph.  www.kurtstallaert.be


Matt Stuart – because he’s just too funny!! www.mattstuart.com

Koen Demuynck – interesting post production work and use of light    www.koendemuynck.com

Denis Olivier – love the simplicity of his images and integration of form and lines.  www.denisolivier.com

Michael Ezra – interesting artistic expression of nude photography.  www.michaelezra.com

Edward Weston – beautiful black and white images of form, texture and nudes.  www.edward-weston.com


Tim Flach – I love his use of form, colour, and texture … and I love animals and he’s expressed them in a unique way    www.timflach.com

Nick Brandt – love, love, love his B&W wildlife pics.  He’s really created the mood and emotion in his pics.  www.nickbrandt.com

Gregory Colbert – love how his incorporated people with his images of animals.  Even the scariest creature appears to be harmless and cudily J  www.ashesandsnow.org

John Hyde – amazing colour and capture of wildlife images www.wildthingsphotography.com

… As you can see I love photography a great deal and have many photographers that I admire.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I would say my artistic style is candid photos and action.  I like to take photos of people capturing a glimpse of what they are doing without direct eye contact into the camera.  I would like to play with light a bit more and incorporate it into the mood of the photographs.  I also love animals and landscapes.  It’s just so uncomplicated – that is animals and nature.  If I can combine all three – animals, nature, and people – that’s my favourite!

If you could give clients one piece of advice what would it be?

Relax, have fun, and enjoy the moment.  Best pictures are captured in a candid manner.  Best smiles are when we aren’t trying and come from the gut.  We’ll have a good time during the shoot and you’ll remember how much fun it was when you see the expression on your face.

When it comes to photography what are your goals? What do you see in your future?

My goals are to constantly learn and develop no matter where I am at in my photography. In the long term, I’d love to be one of those photographers featured in National Geographic or have my own book printed … but one day at a time.  Let’s first start by practicing more and more … the rest will just come with time.

One of my short term goals is to create a documentary series on the Foundations of a Community.  I am hoping to capture the meaning of a community and how we can build a strong and welcoming community in our neighbourhoods.  I am hoping to approach a series of community centers that will show case my work and the proceeds will go to a worthy cause needed in that community.  More details will follow as this project develops.

Well we are all very excited to see how your work progresses over the next year! Flutterbunnies you should definitely be checking back here on the regular to get the behind the scenes look at the Photography business here in Ottawa!

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