Ottawa Boudoir Photographer turns Toronto Boudoir Photographer

But wait…there’s more!


2013 saw a lot of changes and growing pains for Flirt and Flutter, and we were so incredibly busy we didn’t take the time to write about it. Flirt and Flutter Owner and lead photographer (myself, Raven Ouellette) moved from Ottawa to Toronto, but not without selecting the hottest, most talented and incredible contract photographers to keep up the amazing photo shoots in Ottawa in my absence. I am so delighted that Liubov, Josephine and Michelle will be able to make the time to photograph all your beautiful milestones when I am not able to…such a stress relief that you my Flutterbunnies are in such good hands!

The other major change that happened in 2013 (which lead to a subsequent delay in booking new photo-shoots in Toronto) I’m pregnant…very pregnant in fact, due any day now. So as I had anticipated on a big launch of Flirt and Flutter Toronto Boudoir Photography in Spring 2013…looks like it will be Spring 2014 instead…but also VERY Exciting!

ANOTHER new addition to Flirt and Flutter 2014 will be the introductions of services for fellow small business owners including website development, marketing and sales assistance, graphic design, etc. We have already begun developing websites and strategic plans for several business owners in both Ottawa and Toronto!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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