The Sexiest Currency EVER…Flutterbux!!!

With The FlutterBux Program you can earn $$$ to go towards: an upcoming photo shoot or package, additional products and services, or towards a gift card to give to a loved one.

Click on the money raven image to the left for a sample idea of some of the products and services we provide at Flirt and Flutter.

Here is a list of the possible Flutterbux you can earn:

  • Commenting on a video, photo, post or $0.10 each
  • Forwarding our newsletter to friends, family and local businesses you frequent so that they might subscribe $0.20 per forward
  • Sharing a Post, Photo, Image or Article on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest: $0.25 each, $0.75 if shared within 24hrs of original post
  • Giving us the contact info of friends, family and local businesses you frequent for us to contact and offer great deals: $0.50 per contact
  • Inviting friends:  to events on Facebook, to Fall In Like on Facebook, to Join the Facebook Group, or Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest $0.75each
  • Falling In Like on Facebook, Joining Facebook Group, Following on Twitter and Pinterest: $1 each
  • Entering to Win a Free Photoshoot (and allowing yourself to be added to our mailing list): $1.50
  • Writing a two sentence Testimonial $1.50
  • Offering a Video Testimonial $3
  • Putting your Car Window sticker in your car, taking a photo, and posting it to Facebook: $4
  • Convincing your friends to turn a solo boudoir session into a party: 50% off any products/services purchased during the session.
Now although many of these items might seem to earn you very little, keep in mind that there is A LOT of online content F&F provides every week, so stay tuned and on top of all the photos, articles, posts and events and you can earn yourself a free session in no time!
Flirt and Flutter does not list pricing of our products, services and packages on our site – we prefer to create custom packages with clients depending on the types of services they require and what their budget is. Take a look at our events, products and services and contact us with an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll build you your own custom package that you’ll absolutely LOVE!
If you are a super keener we must cap this to one FREE individual session a year, worth up to $200 (i.e. you unfortunately can’t use Flutterbux to pay for special events or weddings-sorry- but there are SO many other types of photo shoots we can do!