Special Deal for The Amazing Professionals at the Village Clinic!

WHO ELSE WANTS TO MAKE MORE $$$ by getting more business?!!! Get Professional Head Shots for your Business in As Little As 15 Mins!

With everyone and their grandparents on Facebook these days it is crucial for your business to have a polished web presence online and the first step is to have a professional head shot. Not only for Facebook but for all streams of social media, for marketing material and who knows, even should you ever have an article written about you, you want to exude SUCCESS.

As you may know one of our biggest goals at Flirt and Flutter is to help everyone not only feel amazing but to better their lives when leaving our studio. We understand time is money, you don’t have a lot to spare- so get your in-studio professional portrait or head shot in just 20 MINUTES!. This isn’t going to cost you hundreds of dollars, it isn’t even going to cost you $80 or even $50….You’ll get these head shots for the low low price of $30!!! A Mini Studio will be set up on the first floor of the Village Clinic on Saturday, December 15, 2012 Beginning at 11:30am ending at 1pm.

The 15 minute session will include: One Look/Outfit, An online link including 5 Low Res Proofs for you to view, of which you may choose 2 photos which I will edit in Photoshop (so you get the A-List Celebrity Treatment) and then send you a link to download them in high resolution format. You are welcome to book up to two time slots, which will then include 4 regularly Photoshop Edited Images, and one additionally edited image (such as Dr. Luke’s Blue Smoke Image).

You may arrive 10 minutes early, but please be dressed and ready (I would suggest having your makeup, hair and nails professionally done if possible, check out my FAQs page for more info. You may want to bring perhaps a jacket, different jewelry or props related to your business to get more variety of shots. Once you are able to check out the images post-shoot there will be the opprotunity to purchase additional photos, specially designed business cards, etc.

Grab your time now as they are selling out FAST! You can pay through online banking or credit card with PayPal simply by selecting your preferred time and pressing the “Add To Cart” button.

Saturday December 15, 2012