This past weekend Ottawa Photographers Jane and I (Raven) headed over to Mambo to check out another fantastic local Ottawa Photographer Richard Tardiff! As with any industry, it is easy to fall into the trap of competitiveness…but not with Richard! He just has such a huge heart and so much talent!  And he, like me knows there is room for everyone- we all have our niche! Anyways, he developed a photo shoot with the assistance of Mambo (please book your dinner there now- delicious nachos and sangria- yum yum yum!) and we were fortunate enough to join him for such a super fun time! I got to meet an amazingly gifted hair stylist and make up artist Anica from Modmop who created totally gorgeous and wild hairstyles, and ogled the beautiful jewelry of True Bijoux! Richard, along with his assistants and Claira (Kinki/Mambo’s head of PR) dressed and styled three stunning, crazy and divalicious models in a few different scenes including one with a groom and a gorgeous car from 1932, and fighting over an adorable waiter! What a Wonderful way to wrap up Pride!


* Set Featured and Background Photos

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