Ottawa Photographer Apprenticeship Program

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Flirt and Flutter Photography is not just your run-of-the-mill Ottawa photography company. Flirt and Flutter is a female-positive business specializing in boudoir and fashion photography, hosting frequent “Boudoir Parties” and “Boudoir Marathons” for women who want to come in and get glamified with a girls night in with lingerie, makeup artists, hair, etc. We also cover a variety of other kinds of portraits such as: professional photography; couples photography; engagement photography; prenatal photography, newborn photography; family photography; and of course, wedding photography.

Flirt and Flutter strives to be more than just photographers in Ottawa, we love seeing the joy on women’s faces when they see themselves for who they truly are – in short: we want to help people. I personally find it the most rewarding as you truly see a transition in your client- from shy/nervousness to real excitement and enthusiasm at the end. We also have begun co-developing events with Epiphany Transformations which revolve around not only assisting photographers develop their skills, but models as well and women of all ages develop: self esteem, personal style, business skills, etc.

With the apprenticeship program, Flirt and Flutter plans on helping local women in Ottawa on a much larger long term scale, assisting them gain greater self esteem through developing their photography skills (both during capture and post-editing work); learning how to pose and talk to both models and clients; expand their business knowledge by utilizing various tools in the backend of a small business including: web development, sales and marketing, networking, business relationship building, time management, etc.

In the spring of 2012 Flirt and Flutter began this program with three interns and by the end of the summer: one intern had begun taking clients on her own; another intern became more of a partner co-developing joint ventures, workshops and major events; and the third intern had already branched off into her own budding business.

To begin building a presence in Ottawa Flirt and Flutter was featured on a number of online sites including: Dealfind, Groupon, Living Social, and a number of their smaller competitors. In its first year Flirt and Flutter sold to just over 500 clients and saw over 150 of them. Currently we have clients calling to book appointments and are often fully booked over two months in advance.

We need you to help pick up the slack and would like to start giving you clients as soon as you are ready!