Boudoir Photography is rapidly becoming one of the most popular genres of photography and increasingly most widespread forms of personal expression amongst for very good reasons. At Flirt and Flutter we have compiled the Tор 10 Best Rеаѕоnѕ tо Hаvе Bоudоіr Phоtоgrарhѕ Tаkеn:

10. To Celebrate a Milestone!

Getting Married? Divorced? An anniversary or birthday coming up? Just enter or leave a relationship? Having a baby? Hit an education career, health or fitness goal? Well then you NEED to do something equally monumental to honor the occasion!


9. Shock and Delight Your Friends! (Turn them green with envy)

Your Ladies will see the boudoir photos of you looking incredible and will be insanely jealous! Not only will they book their own session – better yet, they will immediately book a boudoir party after they see how it has changed the way you look and feel


8. Transform yourself into a Supermodel within an hour!

Ever wonder how the women in magazines or on the silver screen always look so AMAZING?!!! They have a team of professionals dedicated just to them! From the moment you step into a Flirt and Flutter Ottawa boudoir photography or Toronto boudoir photography studio you are pampered, cared for, coached, primed, polished, styled and transformed into your most perfect you! Every woman should have a set of photos where they express all the beauty and sensuality they have inside, where they look exactly how they have always wanted to look. Look gorgeous and feel tremendously giddy inside!


7. Shopping for and selecting the Wardrobe is half the fun!

Putting together your favorite outfits and preparing for the shoot is a blast! What better reason to go shopping for a new outfit, costume or lingerie? Sneaking off with your partner’s work uniform or favorite team jersey, selecting your favorite jewelry or props, pouring over Google images for your favorite sample ideas and sending them off to your photographer is so much fun!


6. You won’t be able to pick their jaw off the ground!

You’ve turned your friends green with envy…now your partner, well let’s just say speechless won’t begin to describe it. Seeing the woman they love dolled up glamorously will bring them to their knees…what could be better than that? Rather than getting your special someone a new shirt…why not a sexy photo of you wearing nothing but their favorite shirt…and maybe some heels!


5. Reconnect with the most intimate part of yourself

Life Happens…school, job, partner, family, friends, kids…you might lose yourself in the shuffle. It’s EASY to forget about your sexy, sensual side- what makes you a WOMAN. Rediscover your inner fire!


4. Its about bringing out every bit of your inner beauty…not getting naked

There are few things more powerful to a woman than feeling sexy. A boudoir shoot believe it or not is probably one of the easiest, quickest and most fun ways to do that. Bring out that little black dress that looks so hot on you but you never get a chance to wear, those jeans and your favorite t-shirt that hug your curves just right…and just in case you’re brave enough (believe me you will shock yourself how comfortable you’ll get in an hour)-bring a few sets of lingerie-whatever makes you feel fun, flirty, and sexy!


3. Have a unique, exciting, fun and deep afternoon or night with your girlies or partner!

You don’t have to do it Alone! Whether or not they’re as ready to take the plunge as you are, you’re welcome to bring along will make you feel most comforted and supported! They’ll have a comfy place to chill out and watch, perhaps share in the delicious treats an d drinks provided with some packages, or we can put them to work as assistant stylists or photography grips fanning your hair or holding a reflector.


2. Get the A-List Celebrity Treatment

We work with the most talented Ottawa and Toronto makeup artists, hair stylists and nail artists to bring your sexiness to magazine-worthy levels. Then our Ottawa Photographers and Toronto Photographer Raven Ouellette take it to the next level not only styling you and coaching your posing and expressions, but also with polishing the images adding any necessary nips, tucks, airbrushing and photo optimization. We work in all-female environment so you ha an atmosphere of the utmost comfort and relaxation (not to mention a fun and carefree mood)


2. Kick-Start a Personal Transformation in a Dramatic Way

Pump up the drama in a positive way! Create dramatic long lasting changes in your life- it all starts with you! Although I am a Toronto Photographer my background is in Psychology, I have worked with a lot of women who have felt like they are stuck in a rut, overworked, focused so much on their careers, and/or caring for their family and friends somewhere along the way they lost themselves. I have found no greater more effective, immediate and long lasting confidence boost than a boudoir shoot!


Those are all the perfect reasons to venture out of your comfort zone, do something truly unique and have a Super SEXY, FUN, WILD and CRAZY boudoir session alone, with your partner or best yet- get turned into a Goddess or Vixen with all your Ladies with a Girls Night In Burlesque Boudoir Party!


Our Schedule fills up pretty fast so CONTACT US now to book your session!

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